Examining the Fractured Mind:

A Short Film Project

Red Haired Lady

Raised of $2,500 Goal
The Red Haired Lady and Eating the Gun will be independent short films produced by Cambrian Film Studios and Beleeve Entertainment. Any net support past the $2,500 mark will be donated to one or more charities focused on providing aid for those suffering from mental illness.

Personal Message from the author:


One of the objectives I have in this project is to confront the stigma often placed upon those with profound psychological conditions that remove them from so-called normality, leaving them commonly adrift and alone.
What is considered an illness is not an illness in my opinion, rather it’s the consciousness of the individual adjusting itself, rearranging itself. The stories here are not about any specific schizophrenic experience, but an examination of awarenesses that may have become activated by the condition of so-called schizophrenia (SZ), as in the case of myself who lived with the symptoms of SZ for 46 years, then experienced a complete remission.
My goal is to bridge the gap between what’s considered normal and what’s considered crazy. There exists a continuum between the consciousness that’s experiencing disruptions creating behavior that seems crazy and the consciousness that’s stable or what’s considered normal. I want people to consider this continuum that may exist for them.
Thanks for checking out our site, and please support us in any way you can.
-Daniel M. Berkey

The Films


Red Haired Lady

A recovering SZ patient suffers an unusual, neurological episode in a quiet chapel. Based on a true story.

Eating the Gun

A true story told by Dan Berkey about his confrontation with an armed man late one night on a train platform.

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One Film – $15

For fifteen dollars, you’ll receive a digital 60-page, full color Production Journal full of concept artwork, the screenplays, written interviews with the cast and crew, and behind the scenes photos. You’ll also receive a digital download copy of The Red Haired Lady.

Two Films – $35

You’ll receive digital copies of the Production Journal, The Red Haired Lady, and Eating the Gun.

Three Films – $50

You’ll receive digital copies of the Production Journal, The Red Haired Lady, Eating the Gun, and the exclusive short film Day 1.

Four Film Collection – $125

You’ll receive this Collector’s Package: in addition to the digital rewards above, you’ll receive a limited edition Bluray which includes all three films PLUS our 2012 short film “The Wind”. You’ll also receive a signed hard copy of the Production Journal.

Co-Producer – $250

Now you’re a co-producer on this project. In addition to the Collector’s Package above, you’ll also receive a co-producer credit on both films- which means your name on IMDB.com

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Our Companies

Cambrian Film Studios (NY)
Cambrian Film Studios has been producing short and feature length independent films since 2010. We have won several awards for our production work. Founded officially in March of 2010 with the release of the feature film Cairefield, CFS has evolved into a production studio that partners with filmmakers and writers to help them achieve their goal of making movies.

Beleeve Entertainment (LA)
Beleeve Entertainment was created with the goal of telling the stories the founders believe in, whether tackling subject matters like mental illness, addiction, or women’s issues, in order to give life to characters whose voices need to be heard.


The Legal Stuff

When supporting a project, there are risks for everyone. We are professional film makers with years of experience, so the fact we’re here means we’re making reasonable efforts to bring you a completed project. However, as problems can arise, we’ve listed out a few bullets so we’re all on the same page before you decide to support us:


$2,500 funds both short films. If we are unable to raise that amount through this platform, we reserve the right to cancel the production and refund money to the Supporters.


Unlike most crowd-fund platforms, we do not take “pledges” but rather charge your card same day. Your support is considered a “pre-order” of the films, and your rewards are a thank-you from us.


The delivery dates of the rewards are pending the completion of the films; the Production Journal will be designed once enough assets have been collected. Any information about shipping costs is detailed on the checkout page. By providing us your e-mail address, we will keep you informed about the process. We will never share your e-mail address with anyone.